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When it comes to power and precision, few companies know what they are doing, like Dodge. This brand has spent several decades perfecting the art of performance in its models while still crafting technologically advanced and comfortable rides for Indiana travelers. That is why, when it comes to a potent and reliable commute, the Columbus Auto Group suggests a Dodge get you there.

Why Trust a Dodge?

When you start shopping for a Dodge, you know you can find a stylish selection of models. From a family-focused minivan to high-performance muscle cars. There is even a great variety of SUV options to help make your decision more difficult. Not only does a Dodge vehicle come with an impressive powertrain, but it also comes designed to keep you and your family safe for every mile you travel across Indiana.

Dodge Challenger

The standard for sports cars is set by this legendary model. This speedster keeps getting better with age, as it sees even more power added to its engine lineup. It ranges from 303-horsepower all the way up to an incredible 797 horsepower for those who can't be contained by the laws of physics. It handles the roads like a champ with available all-wheel drive. It feels right at home on the streets of Seymour as it does on the straightaways of the track. The inside is spacious and comfortable, two qualities you likely won't find in its peers.

Dodge Charger

When you are the top choice of law enforcement across the nation, you must be doing something right. The Dodge Charger mixes style with a whole lot of substance, as it provides drivers nearly 800 horsepower in its top engine option. Even the starting 292-horsepower V6 is a great option for drivers looking to make their mark on the roads. It lets you choose from a variety of performance packages to get the most out of your Charger. Inside is just as impressive, with supportive seats and an easy-to-use infotainment system with smartphone integration and a load of available safety features.

Dodge Durango

It may look like your standard-yet-stylish SUV, but inside this midsize crossover is the heart of a race car driver. It provides seating for up to seven people in its three available rows, but this doesn't feel like your typical SUV. It rides more like a sports car with its 293 horsepower V6 engine or as much as 710 horsepower churned out by the supercharged V8. It still has the qualities families want from a crossover, like standard smartphone integration, including Amazon Alexa, voice recognition, and an available rear-seat entertainment system.