Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation in Columbus are responsible and dedicated to keeping the 10 facilities, 23 parks, nearly 1,000 acres of park land, and over 23 miles of People Trails looking amazing, and supporting various events and recreational opportunities for the community. Whether it be sports and wellness programs, or something as simple as a Farmer's Market, the Parks and Rec team are there to ensure that the experience is a good one. We are truly excited to be supporting such an important organization!

Events and Programs

Sports, activities, special events, and multiple programs. This is just a few of the things that the Parks and Rec team here in Columbus do for our community! There are many different locations for each activity, so no matter where you are, you can find something to enjoy.

Volunteering and Preservation

Another part of this local organization is the Columbus Park Foundation. This foundation preserves the health and well being of not only the parks, but the people who work and live in our great community. They have a goal to protect their wildlife areas and promote good health within the Columbus community. To support this goal even further, you can volunteer and help your community as well! They have several opportunities, such as trash pickup and tree planting.