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Used Minivans for Sale in Columbus, Indiana

It is the tried-and-true mode of transportation for families across Indianapolis. And each year, the minivan continues to excel in just about every category. When you are looking for a stylish way to get around Cincinnati, your first stop should be to check out the selection of used minivan at the Columbus Auto Group. Between our network of dealerships, we provide some of the finest minivan options for area families in Columbus, Indiana.

A minivan may not seem like the coolest option to load the family in for your vacation or outing. But that is likely because you haven't actually ridden in one. These machines are practical and functional for the family on the go. Not to mention, they provide all the cargo and passenger space you could ever need. This isn't your parent's version of the minivan. Options these days are even more stylish and powerful than ever. Few automakers dare to take on the challenge of creating a minivan, but those who do have found a way for drivers to get the most value for their money.

Chrysler Pacifica

This relative newcomer to the minivan game can make an immediate impact on your travels. It offers a smooth ride and excellent fuel economy for the families who constantly find themselves on the go. As you would expect from a Chrysler, it offers an elegant and sophisticated cabin loaded with high-tech gadgets to keep everyone entertained.

Dodge Caravan

There are certain things you expect from a Dodge. Chief among them is a potent powertrain. The Grand Caravan is no exception. This seven-seater comes equipped with a powerful V6 engine capable of getting you where you need to go in a hurry. The second-row bench seats easily give way to the Stow 'N Go seats for easy storage and accessibility.

Honda Odyssey

Honda's entry into the minivan class could be considered the valedictorian. It is sleek and aerodynamic. It showcases a more upscale interior for your most valuable passengers to enjoy. The V6 engine gives drivers an athletic feeling, whether they are on their way to a dance recital or pee wee football game. With room for up to eight, it contains infotainment features that are sure to satisfy everyone who climbs inside.

The minivan has likely come a long way since your childhood. No longer are they bulky and lumbering. Come see the evolution of the minivan at the Columbus Auto Group and discover great deals on your ideal minivan.