The Bartholomew County School Corporation

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC), has a mission to partner with the community to invest and further the learning capabilities of the youth. This noble cause is one that we are more than proud to assist and support.

Their Values

The values of the BCSC expand past expectations in order to complete the goals they have laid out. Their values include not only the integrity of the physical aspects of a student, but the social and psychological needs of young learners as well. They believe that diversity and variability are keen aspects to the flourishing of the community and those involved within the school system. With challenges and high expectations, these values can carry that much more weight and improve the growth of young minds.

Beyond Academics

As part of the BCSC's plan to increase the success of the youth, the BCSC has implemented multiple programs to boost the process of learning and developing social and psychological skills. Some of these programs include: Book Buddies, I-Care, and the BCSC Pre-K. With these progams, the mental fortitude of the students and the integrity of the community as a whole will grow and success will grow with it. The Columbus Auto Group stands tall with the amazing values and dedication of the BCSC.

How We Make a Difference!

Here at Columbus Automotive Group, it is our mission to be the automotive home of drivers in the Columbus, IN area. We provide a vast selection of new and used vehicles, exceptional car care, and customer service with a smile!

Another part of our mission is giving back to the community. We have donated $100,000 dollars to the BCSC Athletics department to show our support for their superb values and mission. We hope that this partnership between the Columbus Auto Group and the Bartholomew County School Corporation will accelerate the growth of the community toward a better tomorrow.