The Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center

The Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center(LCNFC) has a mission to create a community where all are treated with respect and can live in peace with one another. This is because the LCNFC was made to combat the many circumstances that have plagued the resident's of Columbus, such as domestic violence, drug abuse, and poverty. We are more than happy to say that we are a friend and sponsor of this amazing group, which does so much for our community.

LCNFC Spreads Hope

Using many assessments and extensive research, the LCNFC has identified seven main areas of priority: Health, Education, Positive Youth Development, Parent-Child Interaction, Parent Support, Safety and Infrastructure. Because they have identified these areas, the LCNFC and it's partners have created an in depth programming model to combat these seven concerns, and have helped many people throughout Columbus with their needs.

The Backbone of the LCNFC

The five core pieces of the backbone to the LCNFC is:  Advocacy, Neighborhood Improvement, Human Services, People Empowerment, and Collaboration. The LCNFC has a visionary approach to the managment of cases and service delivery because of the one-stop shop concept that the LCNFC has, and the deep rooted empowerment of all the people they have reached.